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While searching for floor liners to protect the interior of our car, we realized that floor liners hadn’t changed for years. It was either the boring plastic or the same old carpet liner, which only covered the liner of the car. There was nothing covering the vertical sides or those spots that were always exposed. It was time for a change. It was time for a new way to protect our vehicle interior.

That’s when the idea of Spartan Liners was born. We simply took everything that we believed was missing in the old plastic mats and made it better.

1. Added protection to reduce the wear and tear underneath the gas and brake pedals, the place where floor mats are most stepped on.
2. Laser measured and computer modeled for a perfect-fit providing the most coverage possible, covering the vertical sides and the middle back hump.
3. Made sure that our liners did not curl, crack or harden in freezing weather.
4. Created a flexible design to provide the softness you need for a comfortable drive.
5. Made sure our liners were easy to install and easy to clean.
6. With a touch of elegance, we designed our liners to improve interior appearance.

Spartan Liners All Weather Floor Liners were created for everyone. Whether you have kids, pets, or spend hours on the road, Spartan Liners strives to protect the interior of your vehicle. It is simply the best product for anyone who wants to protect their investment.

Welcome to the next generation of auto protection.

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